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We’re a technology-enabled research intelligence firm, bringing gold standard research to the mass market

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Your Dedicated - Research Partner

We aspire to become your dedicated research partner by providing business-related information and insights for any industry or service segment. At GMI, we believe in providing research-backed, authentic data with high-quality benchmarks.


Access a broad range of research - and In-depth global coverage

Global Research Experts
Our strengths come from our globally distributed but dedicated team of research experts, turning complex data into clear and comprehensible intelligence.


Powerful AI Technology
We monitor and analyse billions of data sets in a short time, With the aid of our AI-driven technology, we give our clients unparalleled access to research intelligence. 

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Save Time, Save Money
As they say, Time is Money, we have designed a pricing structure that gives the value for money while we also save you from spending hours on the research and collation.

The Perfect Balance

With the right mix of technological application and human intelligence, GMI gets a perfect balance. We analyse huge amounts of unique data, derive expert analysis, and use a technologically advanced platform to give you easy access to a holistic and granular picture of the business world.

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Experience the power of our platforms that are built on the latest technology, connected to a vast amount of industry-related data. 

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